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Macy’s Reveals “Another Miracle On 34th Street”

Have you seen the new Macy’s commercial?  It features actor Edmund Gwenn (Kris Kringle) from the original “Miracle On 34th Street” digitally edited with Macy’s biggest celebrity names including Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Tommy Hilfiger and a very funny turn from one Martha Stewart.  I LOVE the original film and this is a fun way for Macy’s to bring about some holiday spirit!!!  Check it out below!


Billboard’s Top Music Money Makers of 2012

So is your favorite on the list? Billboard magazine is releasing its list of the biggest music money makers in 2012.  Some are expected, others are a surprise (especially the amount of money #1 pulls in).  I think I’m goin’ country, ya’ll.  Take a look…

#10 – ADELE, $13,081,909

Forget “Rolling In The Deep,” this British beauty is rolling in the dough.  And get this, she didn’t even get to complete her tour because of her throat issues and she still pulled in mega bucks!  Love me some, Adele.

#9 – JASON ALDEAN, $13,409,011

Ok, so can anyone tell me who Jason Aldean is?  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  Some country dude, but apparently someone knows him b/c he earned almost as much as Adele and everyone knows her.

#8 – CELINE DION, $14,261,515

Celine’s Vegas show is helping bring in the bug bucks… Her 2007 album sold more than 300,000 copies in 2011, plus nearly a million downloads of her music.

#7 – BON JOVI, $15,835,856

Bon Jovi is iconic.  No wonder they are in the Top 10. They have been merchandising like crazy with videos, downloads and more, all stemming from last year’s tour, “The Circle.”

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Kanye West Is The Little Boy Who Won’t Grow Up

The web site,, has an interesting story on Mr. West who apparently went on a verbal tirade after a New York concert last Monday in NYC’s Lower East Side.  West continues to make excuses for his George Bush rant and his Taylor Swift MTV debacle.  He even chided Swift saying “…just as Taylor never came to my defense in any interview, and rode the waves and rode it and rode it…”   WTF, man?  Why should she come to your defense?  How do you defend stupidity?  Actually, I think Taylor Swift spoke about it once on “The View” and then never again.  Until she wrote a song about you.  Then again, she writes a song about everyone who does her wrong.  Just ask Joe Jonas.  Lesson here…don’t piss off a song writer.

Re: Bush… He said, “…look at what the media did, look at how they exploited him, they said that he said it was his lowest moment and as a mass, as America, we took that as a fact.”  He DID say that was his lowest moment.  Matt Lauer asked W to clarify and gave him the option of restating that and W did not.  If the man says that was his lowest moment, whether we agree with it or not (and I don’t) then that’s his lowest moment.

There are some powerful people in music that have direct contact to Kanye.  I am begging and pleading for P. Diddy, Jay Z and LA Reid to please bitch slap, Kanye.  Someone needs to knock some sense into him and soon.  And while you are at it, could you please teach him how to carry a tune?  Thanks.