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Beyonce Lip Synched???

TMZ reports that Beyonce lip-synched her performance at the Inauguration yesterday choosing to use a pre-recorded track instead of singing live, unlike Kelly Clarkson, who did sing live. Say it ain’t so, Bee?

Beyonce did remove her “inner ear” ear piece during the performance.  That could have been simply because the music was too loud.  I should point out that Whitney Houston also lip-synched her most famous rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991.


Madonna’s New Video: “Gimme All Your Love” Her Super Bowl Single!

Madonna has revealed her new music video for “Gimmie All Your Love.”  This is the song she will be singing live this weekend at the Super Bowl.   The song is catchy.  The video is quirky.  It features odd duck Nicki Minaj and M-I-A.  And Madonna’s voice has never been more studio produced.  However, I have to say that Madonna looks freaking fantastic for a woman of 53!  You go, gurl!  What do you think?

Meet The Boy Behind The Darth Vader Mask

The 6-year-old and his mom appeared on TODAY this morning and we learned that he had never seen STAR WARS when he got the job!  Where ya been hidin’, kid?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LOVED IT: Darth Vader/VW Super Bowl Commercial

Such a cute spot.  It’s amazing how Star Wars has connected with people of all ages and Bravo to George Lucas for licensing his characters for people to use in a very creative way.  Nice job, VW!

Tonsillitis Shuts Down GLEE Production

Entertainment Weekly reports that production on the hit Fox show GLEE shut down after several members of the vocal cast came down with tonsillitis.  The cast was set to shoot scenes for the episode airing after the Super Bowl.  The show resumes production on Monday and the missed scenes will be shot in January.

Katie Couric Getting “GLEE”ful

Yes, the anchor of the “CBS Evening News” is making a cameo appearance on the Fox musical sitcom, GLEE.   The New York Post says Katie C will appear in a scene with cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (played by the always marvelous Jane Lynch).  The Couric episode will also be the post-Super Bowl episode, which airs Feb. 6.   And that will be the biggest audience Katie Couric has had in a long time!