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WHOA! “Let It Go” Mind. Blown.

This is beyond incredible.  Alex Boye as the Ice King, the One Voice Children’s Choir and the vocally powerful Lexi Walker, all from Salt Lake City.  On Boye’s YouTube page, he writes, “I went out of town for work and when I got back, my wife Julie told me, ‘You’ve got to hear this. She puts on the music and my little 4 year old Adanna struts and shimmies across the living room singing every single word of ‘Let it Go’ with feeling and reckless abandonment!! Along with every other kid in the country, She got Frozenitis!'”

So Boye called up his friend, Masa Fukuda, who directed a choir of 140 kids including Lexi Walker, and they produced their own tribal verison of the hit song.  And yes, the ice is real!  Boye says, “The video shoot was amazing and even though it was SO cold you couldn’t feel your toes, the kids were amazing and so patient!”