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Did Oprah Get Lance Armstrong to Confess???

oprahs-next-chapter-3The former Queen of Daytime Talk, one Miz Oprah Winfrey, proves she can still pull in the big names.  Today, Oprah announced her worldwide exclusive interview with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong.  Is Lance going to confess?  There had been rumors all week that he might come clean, no pun intended.

Oprah’s press release says, “In the interview, Winfrey speaks with Armstrong at his home in Austin, Texas in the only interview since the seven-time Tour de France winner was stripped of his titles and dropped from millions of dollars in endorsement deals after the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released an extensive report accusing the renown cyclist of doping throughout his career.  Armstrong was given a lifetime ban on competing professionally. Late last year, Armstrong resigned as chairman of the foundation he created, Livestrong, which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in the fight against cancer.”

I smell confession, folks!!!  The 90-minute Thursday night episode of “Oprah’s Next Chapter” will air January 17 (9:00 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT) on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Now THAT is must-see TV!


BREAKING NEWS: Charlie Sheen Gives Interview to 20/20

Now THIS will be MUST-SEE TV!  Not since the Diane Sawyer/Whitney Houston “crack is wack” interview has another celebrity interview been so anticipated.  Crazy Charlie Sheen spoke to ABC’s Andrea Canning in an interview that will air Tuesday, March 1 at 10pm ET as a special edition of “20/20.”

No quotes have been released but Sheen will discuss his controversial rants and public feud with the Two and a Half Men exec producer, Chuck Lorre.

For a sneak peek, check out Good Morning America on Monday and Tuesday.

OMG!  I can’t wait!!!

John Lennon’s Final Interview…Just Released

Today is the 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon.  I was only 8 when Lennon died, but I remember how shocked everyone was and how sad people were to lose one of their rock and roll heroes.

Now, 30 years later, John Lennon’s final interview, given just three days before his death, is being released by Rolling Stone magazine.  Excerpts have previously been released of the Jonathan Cott interview, but this is the first time the entire interview is being released.  So I have to ask…what the hell took you so long, Rolling Stone???

Ironically, Lennon says in the interview that his critics on cared about “dead heroes” and that he had “plenty of time” to accomplish his life goals.  Sad, but should be a fascinating read.  ROLLING STONE hits newsstands on Friday

Steve Martin is Boring, So Says the 92nd Street Y

Comedian, Actor and Author STEVE MARTIN was apparently so boring at a 92nd Street Y appearance that everyone is getting their money back!

Martin was interviewed on Nov. 29, 1010, by New York Times columnist Deborah Solomon as part of the 92nd Street Y’s interview series.  Tickets were $50 each and 900 audience members attended.  The NY Times says “Midway through the conversation, a Y representative handed Ms. Solomon a note asking her to talk more about Mr. Martin’s career and, implicitly, less about the art world, the subject of his latest novel, ‘An Object of Beauty.'”   The very next day an email from the Executive Director of the 92nd Street went out to all of the ticket holders which read: “We acknowledge that last night’s event with Steve Martin did not meet the standard of excellence that you have come to expect from 92nd St. Y. We planned for a more comprehensive discussion and we, too, were disappointed with the evening. We will be mailing you a $50 certificate for each ticket you purchased to last night’s event. The gift certificate can be used toward future 92Y events, pending availability.”

The interviewer says she was never told what the Y wanted her to discuss.  However, in typical Steve Martin fashion, the funnyman told The Times, ” As for the Y’s standard of excellence, it can’t be that high because this is the second time I’ve appeared there.”