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Breaking News: The Next OSCARS Host Is… is reporting EXCLUSIVELY that SETH MACFARLANE will host the Oscars next February on ABC.  MacFarline is known for being the creator of “Family Guy” and the box office smash, “Ted.” 

It’s a bold choice for the Academy and a good one, I say.  Seth will bring younger viewers to the screen and hopefully hip up what has been an otherwise boring awards show in years past. 

What do you think???


It’s Official: Eddie Murphy Hosting The Oscars!

It was rumored this week, but now it’s fact.  Actor Eddie Murphy will host the 84th annual Academy Awards!  I, of course, think he will be brilliant. 

Murphy has two upcoming movies.  Oscars producer Bret Rattner recently directed Murphy in the upcoming comedy Tower Heist, which hits theaters Nov. 4.  Murphy will also star in A Thousand Words, coming out on Jan. 13.   When I saw the trailer recently for Tower Heist in a crowded theater, the audience erupted when Murphy  appeared on the screen.

So what do you think?  Good decision?  

The 84th annual Academy Awards can be seen on Feb. 26, 2012, on ABC.  READ MORE at The Hollywood Reporter…CLICK HERE.

Katie Couric. Talk Show Host?

Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that several syndicators are out to land Katie Couric, wanting her to do a daytime talk show for 2012.  I say, BRILLIANT!

Katie was at her best when she was on TODAY as anchor.  She could handle hard news, tough interviews, heart-warming stories and make fun of herself all at the same time.  Kind of reminds you of a woman named Oprah. 

I truly believe Katie could build herself into the Queen of Daytime Talk, post Oprah!

This is not the first time a Katie talker has been, well, talked about.  Before Katie left NBC, before she joined CBS, Jeff Zucker wanted her to consider doing a daytime talk show.  Katie refused.  Why?  Two words.  Jane Pauley. 


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