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New Year, New Name!!!

2013-New-Year-Wallpaper-2Happy 2013, everyone!  Hope it was safe and sound for everyone!!!   My goal for 2013 is to blog more.  Between work and life… finding time has been hard, but I am going to force myself to do it!!!  I am, I am tell you!!!

I am also excited to announce that I have reclaimed my Internet name.  The official name of this blog has been  That was because someone stole my name and I could not use unless I paid some serious cash for it.  Well, waiting it out paid off b/c now, once again, I own (and it only cost me $10)!!!  So my blog is now officially

There is a ton of pop culture and celebrity stuff coming up in 2013.  Check me out on WINDY CITY LIVE to see what you can look froward to in 2013, including Oscar nominations coming out this week.


Preview Christina Aguilera’s EXCELLENT New Album

Christina Aguilera held a listening party recently to showcase her new album, “LOTUS.”  It drops on November 13th and I personally can’t wait.  Check out the previews below of some of Christina’s favorites on the album.

Christina talks about her inspiration for LOTUS.

BLANK PAGE is a power ballad worthy of Ms. Aguilera’s powerhouse vocals.

LET THEIR BE LOVE is the dance club mix you will be grooving to thanks to uber producer Max Martin.

ARMY OF ME is the song Christina calls “Fighter 2.0.”  It’s this generation’s version of her hit song, “Fighter.”  And just as powerful.

MAKE THE WORLD MOVE is Christina collaboration with Cee Lo.

JUST A FOOL is Christina’s duet with her “The Voice” co-judge Blake Shelton and it’s another ballad that is undeniably Christina.

franklyHANK’s EXCLUSIVE: Toldja Anne Hathaway Was Gettin’ Hitched!

On Friday, I revealed on Windy City LIVE, EXCLUSIVELY mind you, that Anne Hathaway was getting hitched in Cali on Saturday in a super secret wedding to fiance’ Adam Shulman.  And I was right!  Whew!  My source did not let me down and he (or she) is not dead to me as promised.   You can get all the details on Huffington Post, but it was quite a small affair in Big Sur and the bride was wearing Valentino.  Congrats!  Now to find my next scoop.  This celebrity stuff never ends.

Weekly Wrap-Up for June 10, 2012

So with all of my other duties working on Windy City LIVE, writing this blog has been nearly impossible.  Yet, I love it.  Therefore I have decided to write an entertainment wrap up once a week with my take on all of the pop culture and celeb news from the week.  When big news breaks (or when I feel like it), I’ll write other columns, but for now… here we go…


Lady G was in New Zealand for her latest tour and got smacked in the head with a pole by one of her dancers.  Ouch!  She ended up with a concussion, but finished the show anyway.  I’m hoping it smacked some fashion sense into her.  Get rid of the weird costumes, you freak!  You have talent.  You don’t need all of that.  The video of her get smacked was on YouTube, but the owner took it down.  He probably got offered big bucks by one of the networks to do so.  I’m sure it will be popping up tomorrow on some show.


Lindsay Lohan is doing well after wrecking her rented Porshe on Friday as she was driving to set of her new movie on the life of Liz Taylor.  Here’s the really stupid part.  Lindsay had a limo to pick her up and bring her to the set, but she refused it on Friday when he arrived, so she and her assistant drove the Porsche as the limo followed.  DUMB!  Then she totals the car and tries to blame the truck for cutting her off.  No dice, Lindsay.  In almost every rear end case (don’t quote me on this), the driver who rear ends is cited for failure to follow at a proper distance and failure to maintain control.  Lindsay says her brakes failed.  I think her common sense failed.  Again.  Grow up, child.  Follow the rules and you’ll see that life gets much better.


Ok, I get it.  People like sneakers.  And they like sneakers attributed to rock stars and athletes.  But Kanye West’s new Air Yeezy 2 sneakers retail for $245 and before they were released they were selling for $90,000 on ebay.  I’m sure the bids were fake and Kanye’s reps were probably behind the ebay bidding war, but really, people.  THEY ARE SNEAKERS!!!  Do you know how many pairs of Pumas I can get for $245???  I don’t get it, but that’s just me.


Former Blossom star Joey Lawrence is doing a limited run in the famous all-male Chippendales review in Las Vegas.  He made his debut Friday.  Let me just say, “Book me on the next plane to Vegas!!!”  Whew.  Now if all child stars could turn out that good!  Are you listening, Corey Feldman???


I finally got around to seeing the new Snow White flick.  LOVED IT!  The art direction and the cinematography rock.  Charlize Theron is brilliant as the evil queen and I didn’t even mind Kristen Stewart as Snow White (although she does come across as her Twilight character at times).  Excellent summer flick and well worth it.  Check it out.

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