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Macy’s Reveals “Another Miracle On 34th Street”

Have you seen the new Macy’s commercial?  It features actor Edmund Gwenn (Kris Kringle) from the original “Miracle On 34th Street” digitally edited with Macy’s biggest celebrity names including Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Tommy Hilfiger and a very funny turn from one Martha Stewart.  I LOVE the original film and this is a fun way for Macy’s to bring about some holiday spirit!!!  Check it out below!


Meet The Boy Behind The Darth Vader Mask

The 6-year-old and his mom appeared on TODAY this morning and we learned that he had never seen STAR WARS when he got the job!  Where ya been hidin’, kid?

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LOVED IT: Darth Vader/VW Super Bowl Commercial

Such a cute spot.  It’s amazing how Star Wars has connected with people of all ages and Bravo to George Lucas for licensing his characters for people to use in a very creative way.  Nice job, VW!

Kevin Bacon is Kevin Bacon’s Biggest Fan

If you haven’t seen the Kevin Bacon Logitech commercial yet, check it out below.  He plays a character, Ivan, who is Kevin Bacon’s biggest fan and it’s hysterical.  I love the fact that he has always been able to make fun of himself.  His turn on “Will & Grace” when Jack became his assistant so he could stalk him was priceless.

When your done watching the ad, head over to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY to read Bacon’s interview on how the whole project came together.

Is “Forever Lazy” The New “Snuggie??”

As much as everyone I know makes fun of the “Snuggie,” people are talking about it and know it and somebody is buying them all b/c they keep coming out with new versions.

NOW, the “Snuggie” has competition.  It’s called “Forever Lazy” and it’s a onesy.  I could see my mom wearing this, but no man, gay or straight, is putting this on.  And just like the “Snuggie,” the “Forever Lazy” has a ridiculous commercial.  Check it out below.