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Preview Christina Aguilera’s EXCELLENT New Album

Christina Aguilera held a listening party recently to showcase her new album, “LOTUS.”  It drops on November 13th and I personally can’t wait.  Check out the previews below of some of Christina’s favorites on the album.

Christina talks about her inspiration for LOTUS.

BLANK PAGE is a power ballad worthy of Ms. Aguilera’s powerhouse vocals.

LET THEIR BE LOVE is the dance club mix you will be grooving to thanks to uber producer Max Martin.

ARMY OF ME is the song Christina calls “Fighter 2.0.”  It’s this generation’s version of her hit song, “Fighter.”  And just as powerful.

MAKE THE WORLD MOVE is Christina collaboration with Cee Lo.

JUST A FOOL is Christina’s duet with her “The Voice” co-judge Blake Shelton and it’s another ballad that is undeniably Christina.


New Music from Christina Aguilera… WOW!

I have always said that Christina Aguilera is at her best when she is doing power ballads and her new single, “Blank Page” from her upcoming album, LOTUS proves it.  It’s a such a beautiful song and plays to Christina’s strong vocals.  So incredibly moving.  This is definitely a hit for XTINA.  Take a listen below.  LOTUS debuts November 13.

HEAR IT: Christina Aguilera’s New Single

Christina Aguilera is back!  Her new single, “Your Body,” debuted this morning and it’s smokin’!  I hope this is a good sign of things to come with her new album, “Lotus,” due November 13, 2012.  “Your Body,” is available for download on iTunes starting Monday, Sept 17, 2012.

Until then, click the link and HEAR IT… Christina Aguilera’s “YOUR BODY.”

Chicago Representin’ On “The Voice”

This week NBC’s “The Voice” launched it’s third season and, as always, there was some great talent, but two Chicagoans really stood out for me.  On Tuesday, we met De’Borah, a Chicago Heights woman who embraced who true self at age 18 and was kicked out of her church choir for doing so.  HER CHURCH CHOIR!  Really, people?  Where is the love?  Well she got some love on “The Voice.”  Check out her performance below.  She is on Team Xtina (That’s Christina Aguilera’s team, for those up with the shorthand).

On Wednesday night, we met Julio Castillo.  Julio is also from Chicago and the first contestant on “The Voice” to sing entirely in spanish and you can tell the judges loved it.  La La La La La Bamba!!!  He ended up on Team Blake.  Check him out below.

I’ll be talking more about both of them Friday, September 14, 2012 on “Windy City LIVE,” 9AM on ABC7 Chicago.

Christina Aguilera Pays Tribute to Etta James

Christina Aguilera has long said Etta James an inspiration to her, so it was no surprise she sung at Etta’s funeral and sang Etta’s signature tune, “At Last.”  What was a surprise was the amount of cleavage Christina chose to show.  Tsk. Tsk.  It’s a funeral, Christina, not a Vegas show!  Put those things away, girl!   In any case, she did the song justice (see below) and I am sure Etta James is looking down with pride.  RIP Etta James.

Christina! Oh, Christina! What Have You Done?

Credit: WENN

I love me some Christina Aguilera.  I make no bones about that, but damn girl!!!  This photo is from the weekend when X-tina performed at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in the UK.   She looks HUGE!   I’m hoping it’s the camera angle and not the snack table that makes Christina look like a house instead of a powerhouse.

Are You Watching “The Voice?” You Should Be!

Tuesday night NBC launched its latest reality-competition series called “The Voice.”  I admit I was intreagued from the get go.  I love me some Christina Aguilera.  And I love me some Adam Levine.  Cee Lo rocks and Blake Shelton has that sexy country thing going on.  Still, no matter the star power, if the show concept isn’t there, it isn’t there.  Fortunately for NBC, not only is the show concept there, it ROCKS!!!!

“The Voice” hooks you from the start.  No wonder it was the top-rated series Tuesday night with more than 11 million viewers and more than 5 million of them in the coveted age 18-49 demo.  The concept is simple… great voices show off their skills as vocalists and the judges compete to have them on their respective teams.  The voices will be weeded out by competing against each other with their judges as their guides, until “The Voice” is crowned.  Not only is the singing talent spectacular, but so are the judges and they are competitive as all get out.  Adam and Christina have this flirtation thing going on.  Cee Lo and Blake Shelton are so funny, but they all want to win.  Adam Levine even tells one contestant in his hopes to whoo him, “I wanna win this f***er.

Check out episode one online at and then make Tuesday nights on NBC a must for your DVR.  It’s about time a new talent competition has come along that deserves you and your family’s time.  “The Voice” very much does.

Christina Aguilera Arrested

Christina Aguilera has done well for herself in that she did not follow the path of many child stars, including her Disney co-hort, Britney Spears.  She focused on her work and sang her a** off.  Since her divorce, Christina has hit a bumpy road.  Her album tanked, she gained weight, her movie tanked, she botched the national anthem and now…sigh… Christina was arrested for public intoxication, along with her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler.

According to TMZ, Rutler was arrested in West Hollywood this morning for driving under the influence, say police, and Aguilera was with him in the car.  TMZ says Aguilera was “extremely intoxicated” and “unable to take care of herself.”

Christina, snap out of it!!!  You are too talented to go down this road.  Britney is a train wreck.  You are not!

Somebody Give This Guy A Record Deal

So I was bored at work (slow time before my screening tomorrow) and I was randomly searching YouTube when I came across this guy.  His name is Sam Northwood and he’s from London.  OH MY GOD! The pipes on him.  I picked two of his videos and posted them below (Cee Lo, Forget You, and a killer Christina Aguilera, Bound To You), but check out his YouTube page.  He has loads more.  THIS IS TALENT!!!

Why Christina Deserves a Golden Globe!

Christina Aguilera received her very first Golden Globe nomination today — for song writing (Best Original Song In A Motion Picture).  The track, BOUND TO YOU, from “Burlesque” co-written by Christina, is receiving critical acclaim (and hopefully an Oscar nomination in a few weeks).  I DARE you to listen to this song and not be moved.  It’s simply incredible.  In this day and age of bubble gum lip synching pop and zit faced teens (yes, you Beiber), it’s refreshing to hear someone with a real voice sing LIVE!   Check out Christina’s performance of BOUND TO YOU on “The Tonight Show.”   It’s AMAZING!!!