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Viola vs. Meryl. Who Gets Best Actress? Tonight Holds A Big Clue.

UPDATE:  Viola Davis wins Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor In A Leading Role at the SAG Awards.  Meryl Streep led the standing ovation!

It’s probably the award being talked up the most.  Will Viola Davis win Best Actress (officially known as Actress in a Leading role) at the Oscars for her role in “The Help” or will Meryl Streep win for her role in “The Iron Lady?”  There are a few schools of thought.  Some say Viola’s role is the strongest and an incredible break though and the Academy will reward her for that.  Some say Meryl Streep is a legend (and she is) and she hasn’t scored an Oscar since 1983 for “Sophie’s Choice” and she is long over due for another.  This is her 17th nomination after all.

So what’s the franklyHANK school of thought?  And the answer is.  Hell if I know!  But here is what I do know.  In the Academy Awards, you vote for your category, meaning actors vote for actors, directors vote for directors, etc. Except everyone in the Academy votes for the top categories.  The biggest voting block at the Academy Awards are actors — actors who belong to the Screen Actors Guild, the actors union.  Tonight on TBS and TNT at 7pm CT is the Screen Actors Guild Awards or SAG for short.  Many of the film actors who will be voting for tonight’s awards will be voting for the Oscars and the outcome is likely the same… not always, but the SAG Awards are said to be a good indicator.  So… whomever wins tonight for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor In A Leading Role could very well be dusting off a spot for Oscar in her home.

If I had to guess, I would say, “Ms. Davis meet Oscar!”

I’ll be discussing the SAG Awards tomorrow on Windy City LIVE.  Be sure to tune in to the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday, February 26th at 6pm on ABC (ABC7 in Chicago).  And don’t forget to check out for everything you need to know for Oscars Sunday!!   And Windy City LIVE fans, Paige and Plummer will soon be revealing their Oscar picks!  Stay tuned.