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Beyonce Lip Synched???

TMZ reports that Beyonce lip-synched her performance at the Inauguration yesterday choosing to use a pre-recorded track instead of singing live, unlike Kelly Clarkson, who did sing live. Say it ain’t so, Bee?

Beyonce did remove her “inner ear” ear piece during the performance.  That could have been simply because the music was too loud.  I should point out that Whitney Houston also lip-synched her most famous rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991.


Pres Obama and Seth Meyers Rock D.C. At Dinner

If you missed President Obama and Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers at the White House Correspondent’s Dinner last night, never fear, both performances are below.  The president went first, of course, and had the room going.  Then M.C. for the night, Seth Meyers, did 20 minutes of political humor that left no party or politician untouched… even The Donald.  Check it out.