SEE IT: “Pitch Perfect” Strikes One Chord – HILARIOUS!

Sometimes you see a movie trailer and you think, “The trailer is funny, but the movie probably sucks.”  Well, for “Pitch Perfect” starring Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, the trailer is funny… and the film…funnier!  Like, laugh out loud funny!  People all around me in the theater were quoting lines seconds after hearing them on screen.

“Pitch Perfect” is about a college a capella competition and the hardcore students in it.  Ok, not all of them are hardcore, but the casting and the characters are perfection.  Two of the best characters are the vocal competition announcers played by Elizabeth Banks (also a producer on the film) and John Michael Higgins.  Their one liners in the throws of competition are a riot.  Anna Kendrick got her start on Broadway, so it’s no wonder she sounds (and looks) amazing in this film and I have yet to see Rebel Wilson in a movie in which I did not like her.

The music rocks too.  All songs you should know with a nice little twist – kinda like GLEE, but better!  And when you see Anna Kendrick audition in the film singing a capella and using a cup to create a rhythm, know that she did that in her real audition and the producers loved it so much, they added it to the film.

The only sour note for me was Adam DeVine who plays Bumper, the lead singer of the all-male “Treble Makers.”  He comes across as a Jack Black wanna-be.  His lines are funny, but his character was not original.

Check out the trailer below and go see “PITCH PERFECT.”  You will be smiling from ear to ear.  I was.


franklyHANK’s EXCLUSIVE: Toldja Anne Hathaway Was Gettin’ Hitched!

On Friday, I revealed on Windy City LIVE, EXCLUSIVELY mind you, that Anne Hathaway was getting hitched in Cali on Saturday in a super secret wedding to fiance’ Adam Shulman.  And I was right!  Whew!  My source did not let me down and he (or she) is not dead to me as promised.   You can get all the details on Huffington Post, but it was quite a small affair in Big Sur and the bride was wearing Valentino.  Congrats!  Now to find my next scoop.  This celebrity stuff never ends.

SEE IT: franklyHANK’s Skydiving Adventure

Another item on my bucket list checked… SKYDIVING!!!  Yes, in deed.  Last Saturday, I ventured to Ottawa, IL and Skydive Chicago for my very first tandem jump.  Jerry Borek was my jumping partner.  I was his 709th jump, so I was in good hands.  Will Pesek was the camera man jumping along side of us capturing the action.  The weather was great and the experience was even better.  I still can’t believe I did it and thankfully I have video to prove it!!!

HEAR IT: Christina Aguilera’s New Single

Christina Aguilera is back!  Her new single, “Your Body,” debuted this morning and it’s smokin’!  I hope this is a good sign of things to come with her new album, “Lotus,” due November 13, 2012.  “Your Body,” is available for download on iTunes starting Monday, Sept 17, 2012.

Until then, click the link and HEAR IT… Christina Aguilera’s “YOUR BODY.”

SEE IT: Finding Nemo 3D

I have been waiting for this!  On Friday, September 14, “Finding Nemo 3D” comes to theaters.  I can’t think of any other movie that I would want to see more in 3D.  It hasn’t been in theaters in nine years.  I still remember seeing “Nemo” for the first time.  As I watched the opening scene, I kept thinking, “Why did they use real footage in an animated movie?”

And then I realized it wasn’t real.  It just looked that way.  That’s the genius of Pixar.

Early reviews indicate that Nemo in 3D is money well-worth spent.  The sea comes alive and takes us through that heart-warming journey of a father in a desperate search for his son…with a fish who can’t remember anything (could anyone but Ellen DeGeneres have played “Dory”?)  The journey of little Nemo as he meets new friends in Australia in a quest to find his father once again.  And let’s not forget the sharks and their 12-step recovery program to keep from eating fish (“Fish are friends, not food.”)

So whether you have seen it before or never seen it all, see it!  Hope to see you all enjoying the EAC!  And if you don’t know what I mean, dude, you gotta see the movie.  Righteous!

Royal News: Is Kate Pregnant?

So the world press is abuzz that the Duchess of Cambridge, a/k/a Kate Middleton Windsor, could be with child.  It’s mere speculation, but its a hoot and a half.  Take a look at the evidence.  Okay, it’s not evidence, more speculation, but it’s an important sign.  While in Singapore this week at a royal dinner to commemorate the Queen’s anniversary on the thrown, Kate took part in several toasts sipping only water!!!  According to superstition, toasting with water is bad luck, but etiquette specialists will say that’s it’s totally fine.  But if Kate is preggers there is no way she will be caught drinking.  Hmmmm?

That coupled with the fact that Prince William told the press on the same trip that he was thinking about having two kids.  Along with the constant rumors since their marriage that they would have kids almost immediately.

So clearly, we know nothing, but guessing is fun.   So is Kate pregnant?  What say you?

Chicago Representin’ On “The Voice”

This week NBC’s “The Voice” launched it’s third season and, as always, there was some great talent, but two Chicagoans really stood out for me.  On Tuesday, we met De’Borah, a Chicago Heights woman who embraced who true self at age 18 and was kicked out of her church choir for doing so.  HER CHURCH CHOIR!  Really, people?  Where is the love?  Well she got some love on “The Voice.”  Check out her performance below.  She is on Team Xtina (That’s Christina Aguilera’s team, for those up with the shorthand).

On Wednesday night, we met Julio Castillo.  Julio is also from Chicago and the first contestant on “The Voice” to sing entirely in spanish and you can tell the judges loved it.  La La La La La Bamba!!!  He ended up on Team Blake.  Check him out below.

I’ll be talking more about both of them Friday, September 14, 2012 on “Windy City LIVE,” 9AM on ABC7 Chicago.

IDOL Switcheroo: Adios, Enrique! Welcome Back, Randy!

So an “American Idol” “source” tells The Hollywood Reporter that Enrique Iglesias is no longer in contention for a spot as a judge on Idol and that Randy Jackson is back at the judges’ table.  Hmmmm.  And this “news” comes out on the same night that NBC premieres “The Voice.”  If I were doing finger quotes in the air right now, my pointers would be exhausted.  Whew.

Anyway!  Coincidence?  I say not.   Sounds like a well-placed story from a P.R. flack to get some buzz on “Idol” to hopefully over shadow “The Voice.”   And I guess it’s working b/c I am writing about this and “The Voice.”

In any case, I knew Randy Jackson was not going too far away from Idol.  He’s Mariah Carey’s manager.  He got her on the show and there is no way she is going to let him go anywhere.  Somebody has to keep her from slapping the you know what out of Nicki Minaj.

We should know soon enough who the judges will be on Idol since auditions should be happening with the celeb judges fairly soon.  Stay tuned, ya’ll…


How absolutely sad I was to hear of the sudden death of actor Michael Clarke Duncan.  I still watch his performance in “The Green Mile” and think what a fantastic actor.  Duncan died today in a LA hospital.  He had a massive heart attack July 13 and had been recovering.  He was 54.

The 6’5″ Chicago native grew up wanting to play football, according to his IMDB profile, but his mother would not let him.  So he pursued acting and dreamed of being famous one day. He had a small role in the film “Armageddon” in 1998, but his 1999 role in “The Green Mile” was when everyone took note, thanks to Bruce Willis who recommended him.  Duncan will next be seen in “The Challenger,” due for release in December 2012.

Rest In Peace, Michael Clarke Duncan.

Christmas Comes Early. MTV Cancels “Jersey Shore”

MTV must be in a generous mood.  It announced today that the upcoming sixth season of “Jersey Shore” will be the last.  CAN I GET A WITNESS?  The show made millionaires of buffoons and introduced us to something called “Snooki.”  I’m just glad it’s done, but I can’t believe MTV would give up it’s most successful franchise entirely.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing some ridiculous series on Snooki and her kid or “The Situation does Vegas.”  Maybe he can take pointers from Prince Harry?