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Wanna email me?  Of course you do!  It’s simple.  My email is  I look forward to hearing from you, unless of course, you are asking me for money.  All other questions, go for it!

  1. Just a quick note to tell you … I really enjoy your segment on WindyCityLive … you are pleasing to the eye and fun, witty, and very sexy.. Stay just the way you are and enjoy the down-under.

  2. I never have been nor will I be a fan of Madonna. AGE has nothing to do with it. (although, I wish she acted her age sometimes)……she is not that great a “looker or singer” and the same goes for Miley Cyrus. We have much better women singers than the both of them. These two are just too sensationalized by strange people. Just saying.

  3. Why don’t you talk about “Once Upon a Time”? Why don’t you start a blog about it? Their blogs is only okay. I think yours would be better. You were/are one of the few people I know who got it the first season. I love it and wish I had a place to go to after each episode.

  4. Hi Hank! I really love when your on you make me laugh,your so real. I’m writing you because i’m a huge Usher fan and i wanted to know if YOU could help me meet him? At the moment i am extremely ill and on oxygen. I missed his last concert because i was too sick. My illness goes in and out of remission and no you can’t catch it. I am a ex-professional dancer and singer,now i’m a published author and i was in Ebony magazine. If you like i can send you some pieces that have been written about me etc. Oh and i’m not the average age of the Usher fans,i’m 53!

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