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WHOA! “Let It Go” Mind. Blown.

This is beyond incredible.  Alex Boye as the Ice King, the One Voice Children’s Choir and the vocally powerful Lexi Walker, all from Salt Lake City.  On Boye’s YouTube page, he writes, “I went out of town for work and when I got back, my wife Julie told me, ‘You’ve got to hear this. She puts on the music and my little 4 year old Adanna struts and shimmies across the living room singing every single word of ‘Let it Go’ with feeling and reckless abandonment!! Along with every other kid in the country, She got Frozenitis!'”

So Boye called up his friend, Masa Fukuda, who directed a choir of 140 kids including Lexi Walker, and they produced their own tribal verison of the hit song.  And yes, the ice is real!  Boye says, “The video shoot was amazing and even though it was SO cold you couldn’t feel your toes, the kids were amazing and so patient!”


Beyonce Lip Synched???

TMZ reports that Beyonce lip-synched her performance at the Inauguration yesterday choosing to use a pre-recorded track instead of singing live, unlike Kelly Clarkson, who did sing live. Say it ain’t so, Bee?

Beyonce did remove her “inner ear” ear piece during the performance.  That could have been simply because the music was too loud.  I should point out that Whitney Houston also lip-synched her most famous rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991.

Preview Christina Aguilera’s EXCELLENT New Album

Christina Aguilera held a listening party recently to showcase her new album, “LOTUS.”  It drops on November 13th and I personally can’t wait.  Check out the previews below of some of Christina’s favorites on the album.

Christina talks about her inspiration for LOTUS.

BLANK PAGE is a power ballad worthy of Ms. Aguilera’s powerhouse vocals.

LET THEIR BE LOVE is the dance club mix you will be grooving to thanks to uber producer Max Martin.

ARMY OF ME is the song Christina calls “Fighter 2.0.”  It’s this generation’s version of her hit song, “Fighter.”  And just as powerful.

MAKE THE WORLD MOVE is Christina collaboration with Cee Lo.

JUST A FOOL is Christina’s duet with her “The Voice” co-judge Blake Shelton and it’s another ballad that is undeniably Christina.

New Music from Christina Aguilera… WOW!

I have always said that Christina Aguilera is at her best when she is doing power ballads and her new single, “Blank Page” from her upcoming album, LOTUS proves it.  It’s a such a beautiful song and plays to Christina’s strong vocals.  So incredibly moving.  This is definitely a hit for XTINA.  Take a listen below.  LOTUS debuts November 13.

HEAR IT: Christina Aguilera’s New Single

Christina Aguilera is back!  Her new single, “Your Body,” debuted this morning and it’s smokin’!  I hope this is a good sign of things to come with her new album, “Lotus,” due November 13, 2012.  “Your Body,” is available for download on iTunes starting Monday, Sept 17, 2012.

Until then, click the link and HEAR IT… Christina Aguilera’s “YOUR BODY.”

Chicago Representin’ On “The Voice”

This week NBC’s “The Voice” launched it’s third season and, as always, there was some great talent, but two Chicagoans really stood out for me.  On Tuesday, we met De’Borah, a Chicago Heights woman who embraced who true self at age 18 and was kicked out of her church choir for doing so.  HER CHURCH CHOIR!  Really, people?  Where is the love?  Well she got some love on “The Voice.”  Check out her performance below.  She is on Team Xtina (That’s Christina Aguilera’s team, for those up with the shorthand).

On Wednesday night, we met Julio Castillo.  Julio is also from Chicago and the first contestant on “The Voice” to sing entirely in spanish and you can tell the judges loved it.  La La La La La Bamba!!!  He ended up on Team Blake.  Check him out below.

I’ll be talking more about both of them Friday, September 14, 2012 on “Windy City LIVE,” 9AM on ABC7 Chicago.

IDOL Switcheroo: Adios, Enrique! Welcome Back, Randy!

So an “American Idol” “source” tells The Hollywood Reporter that Enrique Iglesias is no longer in contention for a spot as a judge on Idol and that Randy Jackson is back at the judges’ table.  Hmmmm.  And this “news” comes out on the same night that NBC premieres “The Voice.”  If I were doing finger quotes in the air right now, my pointers would be exhausted.  Whew.

Anyway!  Coincidence?  I say not.   Sounds like a well-placed story from a P.R. flack to get some buzz on “Idol” to hopefully over shadow “The Voice.”   And I guess it’s working b/c I am writing about this and “The Voice.”

In any case, I knew Randy Jackson was not going too far away from Idol.  He’s Mariah Carey’s manager.  He got her on the show and there is no way she is going to let him go anywhere.  Somebody has to keep her from slapping the you know what out of Nicki Minaj.

We should know soon enough who the judges will be on Idol since auditions should be happening with the celeb judges fairly soon.  Stay tuned, ya’ll…

Weekly Wrap up for June 17, 2012


At least Lindsay Lohan can find some humor in her “dramatic” incident on Friday.  To catch you up, when producers of her Liz Taylor movie for Lifetime tried to reach Linday at her hotel, she would not answer her phone.  Lohan was said to be “unconscious” and paramedics were called.  Yes, she was unconscious.  It’s called sleep.  Turns out Lilo was sleeping very hard after several long days of work and didn’t hear the phone ring.  Oops.  So Lindsay sent this Tweet out this weekend:

“Note to self.. After working 85hours in 4days, and being up all night shooting, be very aware that you might pass out from exhaustion &7 paramedics MIGHT show up @ your door…. Hopefully theyre cute. Otherwise it would be a real let down.”


Channing Tatum’s stripper movie, “Magic Mike” has a naughty European trailer that is red hot!  Ohhhh, baby!  Check it out below…but be WARNED.  THERE IS NUDITY in the clip.  I know, makes you want to watch it even more.  God bless, Matt Bomer.  🙂   FYI.. Channing Tatum will be live on Windy City LIVE on Monday, June 18.  Tune in to watch me salivate.


The Grammys have unveiled a fascinating new documentary on how they handled the news of Whitney Houston’s death and how they worked to create a tribute to her.  It’s called:  A Death In The Family: The Show Must Go One.  You can watch it here on the Grammy Web site.  The documentary not only features behind-the-scenes types talking about the tragedy, it also includes interviews with first time host LL Cool J who was battling the flu and singer Jennifer Hudson who would perform a touching tribute.  It’s 28 minutes long, but worth a watch.


The latest “Call May Maybe” viral video features the hunky, sexy and oh so adorable men of Abercrombie & Fitch singing the Carly Rae Jepsen hit of the summer.  Studs from A&F stores in London, Paris, and New York, among others are featured dancing shirtless.  So all I got to say is, give me them digits.  The phone is in my hand!

Bobbi Kristina and Her “Brother” Get Close

So there are tons of reports running rampant this weekend that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is in a relationship with Nick Gordon.  Nick happens to be Whitney’s unofficially adopted son.  He had some family trouble about 10 years ago, so Whitney took him in and reportedly treated him as her own.  He became a part of the family.  In recent weeks, Bobbi Kristina and Nick have been photographed holding hands and kissing, in other words, being a couple.  Nick even posted the photo you see here on his Twitter page.  So now the big question…is it wrong?

I’m not so sure.  Like I said, we know he’s not blood relation.  And although “reports” are that Whitney may have treated him like a son, I believe she obviously didn’t consider him a real son b/c he was left nothing in the will.  And how do we know what their relationship was before Whitney died?  Bobbi Kristina kept a very private life and no one truly payed attention to her until after her mother died.  Maybe this was the norm at the Houston house?  Although TMZ did report a story this weekend that the couple broke the news to friends who were shocked.  True?  Not true?  Who knows?  I say, she’s 19, her mother just died and she’s seeking comfort in a close friend.  Let the girl be.  Tell me what you think.

Billboard’s Top Music Money Makers of 2012

So is your favorite on the list? Billboard magazine is releasing its list of the biggest music money makers in 2012.  Some are expected, others are a surprise (especially the amount of money #1 pulls in).  I think I’m goin’ country, ya’ll.  Take a look…

#10 – ADELE, $13,081,909

Forget “Rolling In The Deep,” this British beauty is rolling in the dough.  And get this, she didn’t even get to complete her tour because of her throat issues and she still pulled in mega bucks!  Love me some, Adele.

#9 – JASON ALDEAN, $13,409,011

Ok, so can anyone tell me who Jason Aldean is?  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  Some country dude, but apparently someone knows him b/c he earned almost as much as Adele and everyone knows her.

#8 – CELINE DION, $14,261,515

Celine’s Vegas show is helping bring in the bug bucks… Her 2007 album sold more than 300,000 copies in 2011, plus nearly a million downloads of her music.

#7 – BON JOVI, $15,835,856

Bon Jovi is iconic.  No wonder they are in the Top 10. They have been merchandising like crazy with videos, downloads and more, all stemming from last year’s tour, “The Circle.”

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