HANK MENDHEIM is a writer, television producer and iced-tea loving southerner.  I’m originally from New Orleans, ya’ll, but the accent is long gone (unless I am tired or drunk).  Now I live in Chicago with a great job and I love it!

By the way, this blog is my personal opinion and mine alone.  It does not reflect the opinions of anyone else (corporate or otherwise).  Just mine.  Got it?  Good.

Email me at franklyhankblog@gmail.com.

franklyhankblog.com is owned by franklyHANK, LLC

  1. Linda Jennings-Coleman

    Sorry Hank, I just couldn’t get the hang of this???? I’ll do better next time, I promise. I did enjoy reading all the posts. I’m glad it didn’t run Long also…I don’t care for Ricky, maybe it’s his British humor?? …just saying.. Good nite, see you tomorow on WCL.

  2. I think you are great and so funny! Keep up the good work!

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